Week menu

20. 1. 2020 - 24. 1. 2020 |  11:00 - 14:30

Pea soup with croutons19 CZK

300gSpaghetti Amatriciana (bacon, garlic, peeled tomatoes, red wine)115 CZK

150gChciken steak with barbecued vegetables and mashed chive potatoes125 CZK

150gSpicy pork medley in potato pancake with Coleslaw and tartar sauce135 CZK
TULeek-egg soup19 CZK

200gPepper pod stuffed with minced meat, tomato sauce and bread dumplings115 CZK

300gBBQ chicken wings with baked potatoes125 CZK

300gCaesar salad with pork tenderloin, croutons and Parmesan135 CZK
WEChickpeas soup with croutons19 CZK

150gStewed pork leg with champignons and steamed rice115 CZK

300gPotato gnocchi with chicken meat and creamy spinach125 CZK

120gFried cheese skewer (Eidam, camembert, blue cheese) with boiled potatoes and tartar sauce135 CZK
THCauliflower soup19 CZK

300gPotato goulash with sausage and fresh bread115 CZK

300gChinese fried noodles with pork, shiitake mushrooms, sprouts and oyster sauce125 CZK

150gBeef roll filled with bacon, sausage, eggs and pickles, Jasmin rice and cucumber salad135 CZK
FRChampignon creamy soup with croutons19 CZK

300gBulgur risotto with olives, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese115 CZK

350gPotato dumplings stuffed with smoked pork, sauerkraut and fried onion125 CZK

300gTurkey tagliatelle with green beans and garlic135 CZK

[ Espresso ristretto | lungo including the menu ]
250g | 175 CZK
Italian mushroom risotto with pork tenderloin and shavings of Parmesan

Daily soup without menu 45 CZK | With the menu, we set up 1l of carafe of water free of charge per table
Information about the allergens contained are provided by the service upon request by the customer.
Declared weight for heat treated foods is stated before the heat treatment.
Change of meals reserved.

Address: Restaurace Hnízdo, Kigginsova 2, Brno-Slatina 627 00
Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 21:30
Sunday 11:00 - 20:00