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Week menu

20. 3. 2023 - 24. 3. 2023 |  11:00 - 14:30

MOBroccoli cream49 CZK

250gFried chicken wings with cabbage salad, spicy tomato salsa, our onion
149 CZK

150gPulled pork shoulder on tarragon, steamed rice and tomato salad159 CZK

150gFried chicken steak macerated in buttermilk with mashed potato, pickled
169 CZK
TUBeef broth with liver dumplings and vegetables49 CZK

150gTender chicken meatloaf stuffed with vegetables and cheese with mashed potatoes and cabbage salad149 CZK

150gSpicy pork "Tokáň" with vegetables, homemade gnocchi greased with lard159 CZK

130g"Sous vide" smoked belly with stewed cabbage and baked potato169 CZK
WEOyster mushroom goulash soup49 CZK

200gBaked cornbread with boiled potato and cucumber salad149 CZK

150gPeking chicken mixture with soy sauce, nuts on baked noodles with vegetables159 CZK

130gBeef neck on caramelized root vegetables, homemade potato and celery puree169 CZK
THMinestrone49 CZK

250gGnocchi with tomatoes, basil and dried bacon sprinkled with Parmesan149 CZK

130gIndian curry with zucchini, chicken, chili, coconut milk and turmeric rice159 CZK

130gFish&Chips – fried cod in batter, fries and citrus mayonnaise169 CZK
FRPea cream scented with mint49 CZK

3pcs.Fried Bavarian muffins with cottage cheese, jam and whipped cream149 CZK

150gChicken pocket stuffed with spinach and mozzarella, rosemary potatoes159 CZK

150gSirloin on pork leg cream, bread dumpling, lemon and cranberries169 CZK

Weekly offer | MONDAY - FRIDAY

150gLow Carb: Baked eggplant with Bolognese meat ragout and mozzarella cheese185 CZK

130gRoast beef on roasted vegetables and young potatoes and Bernese sauce185 CZK

Daily soup without menu 45 CZK | To the weekly menu lemonade 0,3l discounted for 39 CZK
Information about the allergens contained are provided by the service upon request by the customer.
Declared weight for heat treated foods is stated before the heat treatment.
Change of meals reserved.

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