Week menu

23. 5. 2022 - 27. 5. 2022 |  11:00 - 14:30

MOSmoked soup with pearl barley35 CZK

200gDill sauce softened with cream, boiled eggs (2pcs) and bread dumplings135 CZK

120gSpinach Lasagna with Chicken and Mozzarella Cheese145 CZK

150gPork chop steak with fried egg, roasted potatoes on herbs, dip155 CZK
TULentil soup with sausage35 CZK

250gFrench fries with smoked meat and pickled cucumber135 CZK

150gPork shoulder pulled on tarragon, steamed rice and tomato salad145 CZK

120gTortilla with fried chicken with tomato, cucumber, mayonnaise salad, french fries155 CZK
WEPoultry broth with meat and noodles35 CZK

250gVegetable salad with tuna, egg and mayonnaise dressing, toast135 CZK

150gFried chicken fillet with light potato salad145 CZK

120gItalian risotto with filleted tenderloin and parmesan155 CZK
THLeek Soup35 CZK

200gGrilled chicken drumsticks with BBQ sauce, coleslaw and roasted potatoes135 CZK

120gRoast pork neck with sauerkraut and roasted potato dumplings with onion145 CZK

120gFish & Chips - fried cod in batter, french fries and citrus mayonnaise155 CZK
FRFrankfurt soup with sausage35 CZK

250gMexican beans with sausage and corn, homemade bread pancake135 CZK

120gPieces of fried camembert on vegetable salad, with mozzarella cheese145 CZK

1/4Roast chicken with bread stuffing, boiled potatoes and cucumber salad155 CZK

Weekly offer | MONDAY - FRIDAY

150gLow Carb: Stuffed beef steak with egg and cucumber, cauliflower rice189 CZK

120gBurger with roast lamb, bacon jam, colored fries and garlic dip199 CZK

Daily soup without menu 45 CZK | To the weekly menu BIO Baťka´s lemonade 0,35l discounted for 15 CZK
Information about the allergens contained are provided by the service upon request by the customer.
Declared weight for heat treated foods is stated before the heat treatment.
Change of meals reserved.

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Monday - Friday 11:00 - 21:30
Saturday 11:00 - 21:30
Sunday 11:00 - 20:00