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Week menu

4. 12. 2023 - 8. 12. 2023 |  11:00 - 14:30

MOCauliflower soup49 CZK

250 gVegetable salad with tuna and egg, toasted herb baguette149 CZK

150 gRolled pork loin filled with meat ragout with potato and sweet potato mash, cabbage and horseradish159 CZK

130 gPork tenderloin noodles with olives, tomatoes and anchovies, toasted parmesan polenta169 CZK
TUChicken soup with meat, noodles49 CZK

200 gCabbage pancakes with smoked meat, mashed potatoes and garlic mayonnaise149 CZK

150 gPork kofta with grilled pita bread, tzatziki and salad159 CZK

150 gRichelieu chicken cutlets with a cream cheese crust, mashed potatoes with carrots169 CZK
WEGarlic cream with croutons49 CZK

200 gMinced pork with sauerkraut and boiled potato with butter and chives149 CZK

150 gHomemade gnocchi with Quttro Formaggi sauce and filleted chicken breast159 CZK

150 gFried boneless chicken leg in corn breadcrumbs, red cabbage salad with capers, baked potato with cheddar169 CZK
THBean soup with sausage49 CZK

4 KSBavarian muffins with cottage cheese, strawberry and apricot jam, milk149 CZK

150 gMeatballs in tomato sauce on spaghetti, sprinkled with grana padano cheese159 CZK

150 gChicken breast with sausage, Mediterranean grilled vegetables and chervil and butter sauce169 CZK
FRVegetable borscht49 CZK

130 gSautéed turkey with leeks and mushrooms, steamed rice with mung beans149 CZK

150 gFried cheese with ham, fries and tartare159 CZK

150 gPork tenderloin baked in puff pastry with mushrooms and Tyrolean bacon, mashed potatoes, bernese sauce169 CZK

Weekly offer | MONDAY - FRIDAY

150 gLOW CARB: Turkey roll with Mozzarella cheese, on creamed spinach, roasted pumpkin with herbs189 CZK

130 gTacos with shredded duck, salsa, salad, salty cheese and beans195 CZK

Daily soup without menu 45 CZK | To the weekly menu lemonade 0,3l discounted for 39 CZK
Information about the allergens contained are provided by the service upon request by the customer.
Declared weight for heat treated foods is stated before the heat treatment.
Change of meals reserved.

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